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Preventive Residential Pest Control Tips

For many of you insects and rodents are far more mild problems at your homes. As rodent mice contaminate our food with their bacteria hampered wastes that cause’s food poisoning. Perhaps some termites or other wood destroying insects that infest wooden structures and cause some damages, in the United States of America about $5 billion dollars’ worth of structural damages per year caused by this pest. Also we have these particular beetles and moths that can turn our wool and fur clothing that we value into dust. Then we have these critters like cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, flesh flies, mosquitoes and many more that we certainly not to have in our homes.

Now these pesky pests and rodents have different behaviors, food requirement, and a shelter to hide. By simply targeting these factors, you can manipulate their movement and even prevent them infest your home.

Plastic wrappers and paper bags are no match to withstand the teeth of rodents the same with ants and insects. Food products must be stored and kept in hard plastic containers or glass containers (if available) with an airtight lid. Be sure to include pet food (if you have any) be also kept in sealed tight containers because these are mice’s favorite.

Perhaps all we throw in the garbage can are attractive to pests, rodents and insects to feast on. Thus, these rodents and cockroaches would enjoy a good proximity of a food source to your cozy home. So better off to place garbage containers be far as ten feet away from your home. Due to this pest and rodents will not associate with the trash and with your house and will look for another place to infest. And forget not to close the lids of the containers to prevent entry of these pesky pest.

We have mentioned early that pest requires moisture to be able to survive. For example, mosquitoes require a stagnant water supply to lay its eggs where it will grow until it is mature, and repeat its cycle. That is why plumbing system should also be checked for leaked pipes. Include the seals of bathtub, sinks and water closet be checked for possibility of leaks. Reseal old seals from these fixtures to avoid infestations.

As for your home itself, vacuum carpets and furniture frequently especially if you own pets that may have fleas they’ve pick up from outside. Inspect your pantry or any space stored with food and check for any possible presence of beetles and moth that may have entered.

Therefore these are all the helpful tips that may prevent you home be infested with pests. For professional help check the internet for a pest control near you.

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