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Tips for Choosing a Suitable Church in Summerville, SC

Choosing a church goes beyond the matter of visiting a church and appearing in its membership lists. It is a hard undertaking because you have to base the decision on your convictions more than what you can see with your eyes. Proverbs 16:1, ‘To a man belongs the plans of the heart but the reply of the tongue comes from the Lord.’ It is therefore advisable that you heavily depend on God so that He can direct you to the right place. However, apart from listening from above, you should also be cautious about various aspects because you can blindly settle on a church as a result of confusing the will of Yahweh and your own. Below are the factors you need to consider in settling for the right church in Summerville, SC.

You should be sure of your own belief. You should ensure the church you are about to join loves, preaches and teaches the good news. In order to make an informed decision, you should know what the gospel is all about. If you see good news as the means by which guarantees you only the fact of being free from hell and sin, numerous churches are ready to receive you. However, if you need a gospel that shapes and define human living by ensuring it is sung, preached, prayed, applied, lived, taught and loved 24/7, you need to look further.

Ensure you look into their behavior. The nature of the church is based on what they believe in. If a church is merely a building and meetings you attend, you have many options to choose from. Some churches see the church as a covenant community made by the gospel for the gospel. Such churches are not many and you have to keep looking.

You have to be clear about discerning and shopping. Shopping dictates that you choose a church that meets your preferences and wants while discerning causes you to go to a church that expresses God’s expectations and commands. This does not mean that you settle on a church that clearly proves to be out of the will of God as this could show total lack of discernment. Ensure you set aside your theological view in order to embrace the will of God.

You should not move from a church to another. Some circumstances such as abuse, heresy, and weird stuff can necessitate the act of moving from a church. You are however discouraged from changing churches because it fails to meet your expectations. Moving in an attempt to get a church that can meet your preferences will make you unable to tarry at a church.

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