Should You Consider Purchasing a Metal Roof

Generally, people have quite a few misconceptions about metal roofs. The fact is that metal roofs are a good alternative to more traditional roofs. People assume that a metal roof will rust after a few years or that this type of structure is best for a more rustic home or a barn. All those assumptions are wrong. According to various metal roof manufacturers kansas city ks and other roofing professionals, metal roofs are suitable for a wide variety of structures, including modern residential homes. Here is more to consider.

Metal Roofing History

First, a bit of history on metal roofing. The earlier versions of metal roofs were made out of zinc, copper, and steel with steel achieving the greatest popularity. However, historians state that copper was fashioned into roofs in ancient civilizations. The copper metal roofs enjoyed great popularity in Roman culture and other ancient cultures. Modern roof tops are composed of steel, copper, and aluminum today. However, some metal alloys are coated to prevent rusting. Still, copper and aluminum do not require this special coating because they do not rust.

Metal Roofing Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s take a close look at the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with metal roofing. First, some complain that the metal roof cost more than more traditional structures. Certainly, this is true. The metal roof costs up to 3 times the cost of a more traditional roof covering. However, in the long run, it cost less. Here is why. The metal roof is a onetime purchase. Generally, the metal roof will last up to 100 years. In fact, most roofing installers supply their customers with a 50-year warranty. Certainly, in the long run, the metal structure is less expensive.

More Advantages

Of course, the metal roofing lasts up to 3 times longer than asphalt, shingles, or more traditional roof tops. It is also important to note that a metal roof is energy efficient. It reflects heat out in the summer and insulates the home in the winter. It is also estimated that a metal roof will reduce energy bills by up to 40 percent. This is an amazing statistic and will save the purchaser thousands during the year. Professional roofing associations state that the metal roof is lighter than the traditional roofing structures. Therefore, it is easier on an older building that might not be able to carry the weight of heavier roofs.

Getting Started

First, it is important to determine your basic budget before moving forward. This will help to narrow down the choices and additional features available. Remember, a lot of additional features will affect the price. For example, adding accessories, paint material, other roofing material, and customization. Next, it is important to find a professional, licensed roofer in your area that has experience installing metal roofing. Take your time with the research. Select two or three roofers. Contact them and get quotes on their prices before narrowing down your choices. Metal roofs are available in a wide selection of styles. They have numerous advantages too. Contact a roofer today for more information.