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Important Values of Co-Creation

For as long as you or anyone could remember, there has been a clear divide on the who or what was the creator and what was the content created.For example, a writer creates stories– therefore they are the creator. In the same manner, those who read the writer’s works are consumers. It can even be said that the role of a content creator is similar to that of a consultant. It is likely that a client may even have a problem to fix, and will work with a consultant to fix the issue.

It is even possible that there is an even better solution. Today, we can easily see that those stark lines that once divided the developer from the consumer have effectively faded away. It is even possible for the consumer to feel a sense of ownership on the product, if both the consumer and the creator collaborate.

Through the teamwork of the client and the creator can we create a masterpiece. It is important to include the client in the process, as it will allow the client to believe that the end result is theirs as well.

In this collaborative state, both the client and the creator are co-creators, each with a set of skills to bring to the table. By working together, we can find answers– even ones that we never could pondering on the problem ourselves. To add, differences in thought and opinions create more efficient solutions.

In today’s day and age, we currently are in a world where we all have a stake in the events surrounding our lives. For example, in today’s education system teachers allow students to have an active role in their learning.

One question we must consider: How can we get both clients and creators to collaborate? It is critical to establish yourself as the expert, however, ensure that the client feels welcome to express themselves and comfortable to contribute to solving the problem. By including the client, they will be the project’s biggest supporter as they will believe that the project is theirs as well.

You cannot expect that the co-creation would be effective every time– unfortunately, you may have to retain your role as the expert and deliver the best results. For example, as a plumber it is difficult to create an environment where both the client and the expert can collaborate– especially if it is a field that many people are not concerned with. Not to worry, there are still many opportunities that will allow the creator and the client to create and innovate.

You can be apart of the collaboration process by giving people the tools and equipment they need to become successful.

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